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    Can I see you at Food Truck Fridays?

    Big Red is primarily a private catering vehicle, so the only way to experience what Big Red has to offer is to attend one of our parties or book a tasting with Chef Brendan and owner Ken Martino.

    How do I book a party?

    Email our Truck Sales Coordinator, Rose Daigle at info@truepizza.com. She can also be reached by phone at 704-577-7911.

    How far in advance do I have to book?

    We book on a first come, first serve basis and cannot guarantee availability.  For peak periods (April-October) we encourage you to book as far in advance as possible.

    How does your pricing work?

    Pricing is primarily per person, and depends entirely on the menu you select.  Occasionally, we may agree on a fixed total.  All pricing options will be discussed prior to drawing up the contract for the event.

    What is included in the price?

    We aim to include everything needed to make your event a success in the price, with the exception of sales tax and any added gratuity.  There is no additional fee to have the truck at your event.  Supplemental services, such as a bartender, can be included for an additional fixed cost.

    What if I need to cancel?

    We require 14 days or more of notice of event cancellation.  In the event you need to cancel within the 14 days, the $300 deposit portion of your total will be charged to the credit card on file.  You may reschedule within one year of the event date, and your deposit will be applied to the rescheduled event.

    What is your minimum number of people?

    We have no minimum number, but we do have a minimum charge that must be met.

    What is your maximum party number?

    The TRUE Crafted Pizza Truck is able to service a wide range of parties, typically up to 250 people.  If you have more than 250 people, we can work together and make arrangements so we can serve all guests.

    When do you need a final headcount?

    Two weeks prior to your party

    What happens if it rains?

    We work in light to moderate rain. We have an awning that extends over our work area to protect the area in front of the oven, but we do not have protection against the wind or covers for the serving table(s).

    Can you bring pizzas inside?

    Yes, we can bring pizzas into the house, a tent, lanai or other covered area.

    Can you pull up into my garage?

    We can pull up close to a building or garage, but we cannot pull inside a building because of our chimney.

    Can you park in the backyard?

    Yes, if the ground is level and firm enough.

    Can you park on the street in front of my house?

    Depends on the street and the neighborhood.  This can be addressed on an individual basis.

    What are the dimensions of the truck?

    Our truck is approximately 23 feet long and 9 1/2 feet tall, including the chimney.  Our “driving” width, without the awnings open, is 9 feet.  Our full width, with the awnings open is 14 feet.  If you are unsure as to whether our truck can fit through a tight space, we are happy to visit your home or venue to make sure it can accommodate us.

    Do you do gluten free pizzas?

    Yes as long as notice is given in advance*.

    * Please note the gluten-free pizzas are being baked in the same oven as our traditional oven baked pizzas.  TRUE Crafted Pizza will do our best to provide a gluten-free pizza free of any cross-contamination, but please know there is no 100% guarantee since there is flour in the air.

    Do you take requests for pizzas?

    Yes.  We typically cater to a variety of tastes during the course of your party, however if there is something specific you’d like we are happy to create custom topping combinations after the initial rush has ended.